I hope everyone in Mid Michigan has had a great week. I was looking over the statistics from last week to see where things stood and as you can see things are still a little hard to predict on a week to week basis. Its  important though to stay tuned in as we are fully into our busiest time of the year.

Ingham County which has been seeing consistent decline in average sales price had some great sales last week and a huge jump in the overall average to over $127,000. Nice work Ingham County!

Eaton County which has been relatively stable throughout the first quarter of the year experienced a nice spike last month up to just over $113,000 but was back in the 90's last week where it has been throughout the year.

Clinton County has been our star performer thus far averaging right at the $140,000 mark and fell off a little last week with units sold being down as well as sales prices with a few inexpensive foreclosures dragging down the overall average to just under $115,000. 

We here at The Robert Dowding Group have had a great last 30 days selling over 80% of our listing inventory. We are always looking for more people to help achieve their home buying goals and would love the opportunity to help anyone you know. If you know of someone looking to buy or sell be sure to let them know we are here to help.

Thank you, 

Robert Dowding